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Iray Plug-in UI in 4k

Here are a few UI layouts of Iray in action! Click to see in 4k…

IFMAX UI InteriorSplitLevel


Iray for 3ds Max

Iray for 3ds Max goes live!

It’s an exciting day.  Today is the first day Iray for 3ds Max is available for purchase.


Learn more here:

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Image Based Lighting at GTC

One of the surprises for the Iray presentation was to capture an IBL of the GTC keynote stage.  This was accomplished by taking a series of photographs and stitching them together to create a spherical image.  By mapping this image composite to the inside of a dome, it was used to cast light, reflection, and shadow on the car model.  Simply put, the car is 3D CAD data and the background is a composite photograph that simulates the car on stage.




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Nvidia Iray

What you see below is completely an Iray rendering. (There is no photoshop here!)

Barcelona Lofts

Nvidia Iray simulates light and material based on real world physics.  This makes Iray a great tool for bridging the gap between photography and computer generated imagery.  Think of yourself as a virtual photographer, as the principles of light and shadow behave as they would in the real world.  And the best part is that Iray render technology is scalable with the Nvidia GPU. This is essential for complex computations involved with accurately simulating lighting and material properties.

I’ll go into more detail about specifics of the rendering process in future posts.

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New Year, More Posts!

I am sure many of you feel the same way.  It’s a new year, so let’s start it off right!  =)

I have had my head down focusing on Nvidia Iray for the past year (which has been excellent!) I am hoping to show off more of what I have learned over the year and keep up to date on new developments for 2015!

Also, since photography is such a big part of Iray, I will continue to post my photographic adventures as well.

Heres to a new year!


After Earth GFX Reel

Cheers to Matt Law for putting together this awesome GFX and UI Reel for After Earth. source


I had the honor and privilege of collaborating with great compositors and motion designers while working on post production for the After Earth movie. Matt Law put together an excellent GFX Reel highlighting the soft and clean treatment of the UI for the movie After Earth.  The project involved 2D/3D composting combined with motion graphics for a distinct and unique look. Thanks again to Matt, not only for putting together this great reel, but for all the long hours, laughs, and tears along the way.

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