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Twang Twang Shockaboom

Yes, that’s right. It is the name of a band. I had the opportunity to go check out the newly renovated “the Kessler” and see the band Twang Twang Shockaboom. I really didn’t know what we were in for, so I thought I would bring the camera equipment along just in case. And not so surprising, it was a great opportunity to test out some new lenses. I was able to get a lot of shots of the band, but neglected to get any people photos. I’ll be better next time…

Here are some of the best pics of the show. I like this first one because one of the other band members is partially in shadow and pointing in excitement at David’s guitar. It seemed to be unique. Overall, the lighting was really low (as they usually go at concerts) and I only used the available light. Sometime you just have to use what is available.

There were a variety of different band members that were in the band at different times. This was the first time, however, that they all performed the same night on the same stage. History in the making, I guess.

The drummer was pretty intense, as they usually are. He played a typical drum set and the bongos for a couple songs. Here is one that I snagged from the balcony above.

From what I heard, “the Kessler” was an old theater the was getting pretty run down. Recently if was renovated and converted into a concert hall. The acoustics were very good. You can see the new seating layout that has a large open dance floor and a U shaped balcony on the second floor. It was very open and we were free to walk pretty much everywhere. First come first serve seating. Next time I go back, I will try to snap some more photos of the interior.

I have more photos posted on flickr. Check this link: more photos on Flickr



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