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Iray for 3ds Max

Welcome to the Iray for 3ds Max – Content Creation Series.  Click on any of the following images to link to the YouTube Channel containing all of the videos topics listed here. We hope you find these tips and techniques helpful as you learn more about interactive rendering in Iray for 3ds Max.
IFMAX_000_IntroductionWill_w950Check out how this new plugin, Iray for 3ds Max, harnesses interactivity and scalability to deliver the full power of physically based rendering. Take a quick tour of the intuitive workflow that takes advantage of MDL material creation and exchange to maximize your productivity with immediate visual feedback during scene development and lighting.

IFMAX_00_InteractiveRendering_w950We hope you’ve been enjoying working with the Iray for 3ds Max. Starting today, we’ll be sharing some tips and techniques to aid with your workflow. Check out our first video on interactive rendering and learn how to dynamically make scene updates, such as assigning materials, camera setup, and swapping HDR image based lighting.

IFMAX_01_PhysicalLighting_w950We know the importance of lighting your designs. Let’s take a look at how to dynamically setup your lights and adjust parameters with interactive feedback. We’ll take a look at the best practices to maintain a physically accurate workflow with the Physical Sky, IBL, and IES profiles. And like a digital photographer, learn how to tweak the final look with real-time edits to the camera tonemapping.

IFMAX_02_CreatingMaterialsWithLayers_w950The Iray for 3ds Max plugin comes preloaded with a series of real world material examples.  Use the predefined materials to effortlessly build a variety physically based materials.  With this unique layering system, add additional material coatings and scratches to design your desired surface appearance.

IFMAX_03_ContextualMaterialEditing_w950Let’s take a look at how to utilize Material Override to review real world material examples in the context of a furniture design. We’ll quickly browse through a catalog of physically based materials that are free to download from the advanced rendering forum. Once we have selected a variety of materials, we can then build upon them with layers for an interactive design review.

IFMAX_04_IrayDepthOfField_w950We’d like to share a few techniques to ensure efficient workflow with precise focus on your subject matter. Learn how to interact with Iray (in-camera) Depth of Field to add visual clarity and depth to your rendered imagery. Use real world camera techniques to ensure a tightly focused subject using standard 3ds Max tools.


Stay tuned for more…!